Friday, 3 July 2015

Addictive Behaviour Patterns

Hello, I'm Phil McQuire. I'm a compulsive gambler. I will always be a compulsive gambler, even in recovery. I accept I cannot gamble.

Out of control

As a compulsive gambler, you too must accept that you cannot gamble. You share the same behaviour patterns as any other person suffering from an addiction. When you feed your addiction, your personality traits become exaggerated and uncontrolled.

How many of these addictive behaviour patterns can you relate to?

Low frustration toleranceYou cannot stand feeling uncomfortable for any length of time
AnxietyYou have have nameless fears and dreads
GrandiosityYou think the world revolves around you and are better than others; this is to hide your insecurities and low self-esteem
PerfectionismYou set impossible goals with inevitable failures
Wishful ThinkingYou arrange to do what you want to do, making it appear reasonable
IsolationYou are deeply insecure and deprive people of the real generosity needed to make close, enduring friendships
SensitivityYou take to heart and resent when people criticise you or say something about you in jest
ImpulsivenessYou want, what you want, when you want it!

Defence mechanisms

As an addict, you will also use defences to hide or avoid your feelings, to protect yourself or to try and manipulate others.

How many of these addictive behaviour patterns can you relate to?

RationalisingYou explain and justify your addictive actions
ProjectionYou cast blame and accuse others when you act out
IntellectualisingYou analyse, generalise and theorise to justify your actions
ArguingYou use arguments to evade root problems
JokingYou laugh when you are afraid or to mask your pain
ComparingYou compare yourself to others, "I'm not as bad as…" or "I'm more in control than..."
QuestioningYou interrogate others to take the attention from yourself
AgreeingYou agree and comply to avoid being 'found out'
SilenceYou ignore others that have hurt or upset you
Minimising or denyingYou make things seem less important than they really are
ArroganceYou are smug, arrogant, or superior in your day to day activities
ThreateningYou are quick to anger; shouting, intimidating to gain control
SeductionYou get what you want in dishonest ways
Being a foolNot taking responsibility for your actions; playing down your intelligence
ActingYou present a different persona to protect your addiction
Phony tearsYou shed crocodile tears to protect your addiction

Did you know the Addictive Behaviour Patterns as mentioned above are about an alcoholic, not a gambler? Whether you are a gambler, drug addict, sex addict, all addicts share similar addictive behaviour patterns.

What are you addicted to? How many Addictive Behaviour Patterns could you identify with? Share with others in the comments below.