Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Gambling Recovery Success Story

Today is one of the most important days in my life. It marks six months of abstinence from gambling. I am immensely proud.

Personal development

Personal development is key to your success. An addiction will test your strength of character, only your resilience and determination will prevent or help you overcome a relapse. Therefore, it is essential that you commit to becoming the best version of yourself.

Focus on development

For those of you yet to begin your recovery, imagine standing at the bottom of a high mountain and the path to your destination is paved with ice. During your journey, you can slip at any time leading to a great deal of damage.

You must have the right skills to tackle this terrain. You must also try and try again until your perseverance pays off. When you reach the top, remember not to become complacent, instead remain committed to your development and focus on retaining your balance.

Maintain development

If you are already on your recovery journey, you must tread very carefully. Be mindful of your progress and take just one step at a time.

If you slip, stop sliding immediately. Understand why you slipped and then, with increased vigour, recommit to success and get back to where you were before your fall and beyond!

Sustain development

Do not consider your recovery as a way to overcome your addiction; this approach will result in excessive criticism of yourself and you could find yourself obsessing about not gambling, which is just as unhealthy as being obsessed with gambling.

Instead, you must focus on developing yourself no matter how big the challenge.

Detach addiction

Your addiction occurs because of your attachment to it, without attachment there can be no addiction and you my friend are free!

If you feel compelled to act out, it is due to you; your self-esteem; how you feel about yourself. You must understand the root causes which drive your insecurities and work through them. Through understanding freedom will come.

My recovery

Six months is a pebble in the ocean, yet fundamentally it is a pebble and it is in the ocean.

Upon reflection, I can see how far I have travelled. During this period, I have experienced some of the worse days, yet equally the best days of my life. I am extremely fortunate to have made such good progress, but it has taken a lot of time and effort to achieve this and I must reiterate personal development requires commitment.

The greater the distance between today and my last bet the more elated I become. Since stopping gambling, I have started to appreciate and enjoy my life.

I feel empowered, motivated and determined to achieve whatever I put my mind to. I have lots of energy that helps support my goals. My thoughts are so much clearer and I am able to articulate myself effortlessly.

Admittedly, I have little in terms of wealth, yet I am abundantly rich in my heart, mind and soul. As a gambler, I thought I was unlucky, but now I realise just how lucky I really am.

Did you know your mind tells you lies to prevent life changes?