Monday, 10 August 2015

Live Poker Losses: £250

Gambling Loser

Never reraise all in without the nuts being firmly in your hand


Venue: Live
Buy in 1: £50
Buy in 2: £250
Session: 12:30-14:30
Duration: 2 Hours
Losses per hour:-£125


I rarely have my bank card on me as my partner safeguards it. Unfortunately today I had it in my wallet and I ended up losing £250. As a result, I became overdrawn and had no financial manoeuvrability for the next three weeks. The bank also charged me for using a non-authorised overdraft, which compounded my financial problems.

With £50 behind, I gambled with J10s and got it all in, only to see my hand being crushed by K9s. Having paired my 10 on the flop, the villain claimed the pot as he made a flush by the river.

£200 Rebuy. 5 minutes later I had lost the lot, here's how:

Became involved with J10 again. By the river, I had a full house with a pair of 10s and 6s. Villain put me in a spot with a big river bet, so I mistakingly reraised him all in. He called revealing a bigger full house with a pair of Aces and 6s.

The villain couldn't have liked my all in reraise. However, there was no way he was going to fold because the range I was representing was too narrow and our stacks weren't deep enough. I became too involved in this hand. In retrospect, I should have just called it off, saving me money and only reraised with the nuts i.e. quad sixes or a much bigger full house i.e. 10s over 6s.