Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cycle of addiction: from success to failure and back again

Addiction Cycle

The cycle of addiction is prevalent in the life of a gambler. Don't let your failures hold you back. Drive forward into the heart of success.

Having abstained from gambling for exactly 203 days, I relapsed. My actions have further reinforced that the addicted brain is both chemically and physiologically different from a normal brain.

I found myself with access to money and committed to gamble. Once I have made a decision to gamble, very little will get in my way.

Naturally I am disappointed with my actions. I was making great progress and despite this failure, I am still driven to succeed, my mind is still clear, and I still have an overwhelming amount of determination to make a difference. I had traveled half a year from placing my last bet; that's a beautiful success no matter what.

While a success can quickly turn to failure, there is a lesson to be learned, so I do not remain despondent. Instead, I consider the silver lining. My mind is far stronger than it has been and I am coping extremely well with my gambling urges. In fact, my gambling thoughts are a lot less frequent than during previous relapses and my thoughts aren't so obsessive as they once were. When I read through my gambling diary and compare where I am now, I have grown substantially. I might be demonstrating similar behaviour in some respects, but I have evolved, and my consciousness has expanded. Regardless of success and failures I am infallible, I am and will always be human.

Have you tried to recover from gambling and feel that you have failed? Don't give up hope, you too are human and infallible, and are most likely experiencing the cycle of addiction.