Gambling Addiction and Recovery

Gambling can quickly become an addiction as powerful as any other compulsive activity such as smoking, drinking sex or drugs. Winning gives gambling addicts a high, so much so that often the act of gambling has nothing to do with the money but rather the buzz of chasing a loss or even a win to drive compulsion and to keep the player in the game. Gambling addiction causes addicts to be preoccupied with gambling thoughts, the addict is prefixed with their losses, wins, the glory and the shame.  A gambling addict is compelled to gamble even when they risk losing it all, in a gambler's world, there is no such thing as too much.

Being a poker gambling addict, I have spent countless hours not only playing poker but also thinking about the game. My world has been so consumed by poker I often lost track of time and could enter long sessions without food and drink. Friends, family and even work suffered because of my preoccupied desire to gamble, nothing mattered more than playing poker. Poker was my life.

My initial step to recovery was to admit that I had a gambling problem and poker was ruining my life; this took me more than twelve months. After which I could truthfully admit my gambling addiction. As an addict, I frequently relapsed, which caused me a lot of stress and confusion. I searched for support and got help from a number of leading charitable organisations in London, UK. However, not soon after finishing the courses I would be back on the felt, acting out yet again, but not because the courses were inadequate, but because my gambling poker addiction was greater than the lessons I had learned.

To this day I still fight my gambling addiction and will continue to fight. Even though I am desperate to stop gambling, breaking free from addiction is incredibly difficult, after all you are fighting your own mind! Be prepared for a long battle, but don't ever give up trying to recover from your gambling addiction or any other addiction as a matter of fact. No matter how hard you find recovery, keep pushing yourself to become a better, stronger person and believe me, it will be a very long and tough journey.

My recovery tip for you is to be honest with yourself as well as your friends, family and partner; they are your strength in your moments of insanity and distress; they are your foundation when your world collapses.